Where Is Liz: Experience A Solo Global Adventure
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Who is Liz?
I'm a native Californian in my thirties, working as a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay area.

What have I done and what am I doing?
In 1999 I took my first solo international trip, and it changed me. In 2003 I backpacked alone across Europe for four months. I'm now planning and preparing for more solo, long-term, international expeditions, as well as taking every oportunity to explore and discover my own country.

liz in kayak
liz on horseback

Why do I go? A few reasons:
It challenges me, and changes me. I want to stretch my limits, grow in wisdom, understanding, and experience.

I have tremendous curiosity about the world and its people; I want to experience different cultures and perspectives, combining creativity with technology to share these discoveries and insights with others.

I believe that the best way to foster global understanding and world peace is through one-to-one connections between people.

Finally, I want to inspire others to follow through with their own big dreams, whatever forms they take.

Every day, may I do something I'm afraid of
But want with all my heart.
Even if it makes me tremble,
May I find my balance point within
And move from there...

-- from "Happy New Here" author unknown



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