My Italian Adventure
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CHAPTER 77 LOCATION: Gimmelwald SUBJECT: Modern-Day Cavepeople

The route we chose is called the Gimmelwald-Chilchbalm hike, ending up at the terminus of the Lautenbrunnen Valley. It's known as a good rainy day hike, because of the shallow cave near the end where one can take cover in a downpour.

Enterprising hikers have sub-divided the shelter into kitchen and living room areas, complete with fireplace, tables, and seating (all crudely fashioned out of the mountain stone).

There were even a few dented pots and pans left clean and ready for the next adventurous chef.

Since we hadn't brought any wood or matches, we didn't start a fire, but we were glad to sit and rest and take in the immense beauty of the view before us. Chilchbalm is where the valley ends, and it's not possible to continue on much beyond here without mountaineering gear.

Cavemen & Cavewomen
It felt as though for thousands of years people had come here and shared their stories.

From the vantage point of the cave we could see a tall, thin waterfall at the end of the valley, and an icefield around its base, with just a hint of blue glacier beyond.

This was enough of a curiosity to entice us to leave our shelter, and get a closer look...

Wilderness Kitchen
Comes equipped with convenient cooking pots (note the stone wall blackened from countless fires).

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