My Italian Adventure
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CHAPTER 78 LOCATION: Gimmelwald SUBJECT: Exploring the Ice Cave

Such an enticing mystery begged to be further explored, so we ventured into the dripping darkness, carefully navigating the slippery rocks. Not well-prepared, our only source of illumination a single flickering cigarette lighter.

Inside the cavernous ice a profound sense of stillness permeated, despite the reverberating chuckle of water streaming over rocks and the echoing crunch of our boots on gravel.

It became a test of wills: how much farther would we go into the icy unknown? How long would the flame of the lighter last? How stable was the melting icefield above our heads? Too many questions without good answers... we turned back, toward daylight and relative safety, enough thrills for one day.

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From the vantage point of the cave, the icefield below the waterfall looked rather insignificant. Once we were upon it, it became truly magnificent, the roof of its gaping maw towering over our heads, and revealing a system of ice tunnels disappearing into darkness.

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