My Italian Adventure
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CHAPTER 79 LOCATION: Gimmelwald SUBJECT: A Source of Surprise

Our Gang
A group shot of our intrepid explorers, braving the wilds of Switzerland, with nothing but a few jellybeans to sustain them.

The wind picked up, pressing dense clouds of mist across the valley and up the side of steep alpine slopes. While the motions of hiking helped keep us warm, there was no denying the outside temperature was dropping.

Breakfast seemed like a long time ago, and the sharpness of hunger reminded me I had a packet of Jelly Belly gourmet jellybeans, included as a last minute extra brought all the way from California, stowed in a jacket pocket.

To the delight of my companions I brought them forth and we parceled them out, their exotic flavors sustaining us for the hike back to the hostel.

One Last Look
A final look at the magnificent valley, with its ice fields, glacier and waterfall.

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