Chapter 1: And So It Begins...
Chapter 2. Whirlwind Preparations
Chapter 3. Away I Go!


Chapter 4. Italian Lessons
Chapter 5. Home Sweet Hostel
Chapter 6. First Taste of Italy
Chapter 7. The Streets of Rome
Chapter 8. The Gentleman and the Gelato
Chapter 9. Shopping for Breakfast
Chapter 10. More at the Market
Chapter 11. Breakfast at the Vatican
Chapter 12: Inside St. Peter's
Chapter 13: Macabre St. Peter's
Chapter 14: Dome Sweet Dome
Chapter 15: A Visit to the Vatican Museum
Chapter 16: Vatican Bathtubs
Chapter 17: Museum Marathon
Chapter 18: Ancient Rome by Moonlight
Chapter 19: John Paul II, Superstar
Chapter 20: Chestnuts Roasting
Chapter 21: Brides, Guides and Gladiators
Chapter 22: Forum Lore
Chapter 23: Decorating with the Dead
Chapter 24: Baptized in the Pantheon


Chapter 25: Forward to Florence
Chapter 26: Stepping on History
Chapter 27: My Room Without View
Chapter 28: Il Duomo Magnifico
Chapter 29: The Rooftop of Florence
Chapter 30: Golden Vision
Chapter 31: Not So Modern Art
Chapter 32: Living Like Royalty
Chapter 33: Suffering for Love or Sainthood
Chapter 34: A Duke's Playground
Chapter 35: Bellissima Boboli
Chapter 36: Peaceful Pathways
Chapter 37: Paradise Lost
Chapter 38: A Visit to David's House
Chapter 39: Naked Women of the Uffizi
Chapter 40: Anger at the Uffizi
Chapter 41: Old Bridges, New Scooters
Chapter 42: The Science of Amazement
Chapter 43: Santa Croce Construction Zone
Chapter 44: Stendahl's Disease
Chapter 45: Santa Croce's Famous Dead
Chapter 46: The Sad Women of Santa Croce
Chapter 47: View Without Room
Chapter 48: And Still More Views
Chapter 49: Farewell to Florence


Chapter 50: The Spell of San Gimignano
Chapter 51: Medieval Manhattan
Chapter 52: View from the Torre Grande
Chapter 53: Picnic in the Castle
Chapter 54: Worth the Cost


Chapter 55: Seen in Siena's Seashell
Chapter 56: Siren Song of the Spiral Steps
Chapter 57: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Chapter 58: Amazing Grace in the Duomo
Chapter 59: A Kiss at Sunset


Chapter 60: On the Move to Manarola
Chapter 61: It is Not Possible to Leave...
Chapter 62: Company for Dinner
Chapter 63: Holy Wake-Ups and Hot Water
Chapter 64: A New Definition for "Beach"


Chapter 65: Capturing Laughter
Chapter 66: Friendship in the Olive Groves
Chapter 67: Cliff Side in Corniglia


Chapter 68: Perilous Pathways
Chapter 69: Vernazza Piazza
Chapter 70: So Much for Romance
Chapter 71: Abrupt Change of Plans

GIMMELWALD -- more coming soon

Chapter 72: Midnight, Mountain Hostel
Chapter 73: Mountain Hostel Morning
Chapter 74: Discovering Gimmelwald
Chapter 75: Village Views
Chapter 76: The Mists of Gimmelwald
Chapter 77: Modern-Day Cavepeople
Chapter 78: Exploring the Ice Cave
Chapter 79: A Source of Surprise