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My first day out at the track,
with a lot of enthusiasm
and a lot to learn.

I'm learning to run through the "Learn to Run, Save a Life" Program... you can do it, too: contact
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Training Tales

When I started learning to run, I couldn’t make it around the quarter mile track even once without breaking into a walk. I am delighted to report that I can now run continuously for 3/4 of a mile. Still far short of the five mile mark which is my goal, I am feeling more certain that I will achieve this in time.

With practice I’m getting over my initial shyness. I enjoy the feeling that I belong to the diverse group of people who use the track, and the wider world of runners in general.

At my latest session with coach Danny Dryer, we covered running on hills. We learned techniques that make running uphill amazingly easy, and running downhill feel safer. Danny also demonstrated an efficient set of post-running stretches.

I had been doing all my training on outside tracks, so in the heat of the day yesterday I tried running in the air-conditioned comfort of my gym. As I found my pace on the treadmill, I was delighted at the difference my training made.

When exercising at the gym, I’m usually desperate for distraction. I'm glad to have TV sets in view, a friend nearby to chat with, or good tunes on my walkman. This time I wanted pay attention to my body, sensing its movement, making tiny changes in my lean, my stride, my breathing, and noticing the results.

I ran with confidence: I felt like someone who knows what she is doing. Concentrating on perfecting my form, the time flew by.

A little while afterwards, I felt stiff and sore (feedback from a body still not used to such exertion), but the discomfort didn’t last. The feeling of satisfaction with every run I complete is what endures.

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