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When I took that first step on the track, I had a simple goal in mind: to get more physically fit.

Well, it’s now been four short weeks into my training, and yes, I am more physically fit: I can run farther and recover faster, and it feels great. But that’s only the beginning.

The strength and endurance I’ve gained don’t disappear when I step off the track—I find I have more confidence and fortitude to face whatever comes my way, whether it’s changing my first tire on the freeway, or playing substitute teacher to a classroom of toddlers.

Choosing something that I knew wouldn’t be easy for me to do, making the commitment, and following through week after week has altered my view of myself and my capabilities. But the ripples of this action have spread out beyond myself.

Now I’m becoming connected with a whole new community. Runners from all over the Bay Area have written with good wishes, encouragement, and sage advice. People I’ve never met have been following my story, and been inspired to take on new challenges themselves.

I am becoming bolder, reaching out, helping to spread the word about organ donation--the difference it makes in people’s lives, and the importance of telling friends and family about one’s decision to donate.

I have a new sense of possibility, of ways in which I can have a positive effect far beyond what I'd imagined. The reverberations of my simple act are already far greater than I could have predicted, and I can't wait to see where the next steps will lead.

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