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Liz running

Even after a difficult run, it still feels better than not running at all. It's ok to slow down sometimes, just don't stop.

I'm learning to run five miles in the Organs ‘R’ Us “Learn to Run, Save a Life” program.

16 Americans die everyday,
waiting for organs.

You can save lives by contributing to the important work of organ donation awareness through
Organs 'R' Us


Speed Bumps

What was going on? Before I had rounded the first turn, I could tell it was going to be far from effortless today. Each step was a struggle, as if someone had turned up the force of gravity. What happened? Wasn’t this supposed to be getting easier?

I’m never going to make this next lap, I thought. I remembered Robert’s advice: Don’t think about completing the next lap, just think about completing the next step.

running legs

Who put glue on the track?

I adjusted my posture, concentrating on the “three Ls” of ChiRunning: Lean (from the ankles), Limp (relaxed lower leg) and Lift (feet out behind). I worked with my breathing: in through my nose for two beats, out through softly pursed lips for three beats, pulling in my abdominals to exhale fully.

Despite my efforts, a half mile later I gave into my urge to stop. I’ll be all right after walking a lap, I told myself. When I started running again, however, it felt like I was dragging a tractor behind me. Another half mile and I was back walking.

Afterwards, I talked to some of my runner friends, and they told me what I experienced is common: sometimes it’s just harder. I might never know the reason—too little sleep, fighting a cold, a tough workout the day before—it could be almost anything. The good news is it’s not a setback, just a speed bump. For whatever reason, my body needed to slow down, and I let it.

And sure enough, with my next run, I was back, moving faster and easier than ever.

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