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Rebecca is the author of Bulldust in my Bra (ISBN 1-57087-609-6) "a witty and rewarding account of a couple's life-changing year traveling and working half a world from home." The book is available from the web site: www.bulldustinmybra.com

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From: Rebecca Long Chaney
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002
Subject: Tips for World Travelers

Hi Liz,

Your trip sounds so exciting. Here's some advice or some things I've learned over the years. And I'm sure other travelers have other suggestions.

  • Use an around the world ticket, Shop around, there are some amazing bargains out there.

  • Stretch out your trip have the proper visas and shots. But remember in many cases, on the round the world ticket, or at least the one I had in 1992, I could change my mind and change my destination as long as I didn't backtrack.

  • Keep a journal.

  • Carry extra camera batteries, you won't find them in most places.

  • Take a little photo album or envelope of pictures of your home and your life to show people you meet.

  • Take little gifts that pack easily to give to children or adults in your host country that do special things for you. Lee and I carried lots of U.S stickers and different things that we always gave to youngsters after we'd taken their photograph.

  • Pack light. Your back will thank you. You probably won't need half of what you're thinking. Take what is needed for your first stop and have other necessities shipped to you at your next destination. Lee and I screwed up there. We had work clothes shipped to us to work in the outback. We ended up wearing the one dollar bargains we found at the thrift shop. So remember some locations will have thrift shops or cheap clothes to buy. Some times that's easier and then leave the clothes behind. In third world countries, try to dress a little like them and you'll blend in better.

  • If you want to get real mail from people, Tell them to send it two weeks before you are to arrive somewhere to: LAST NAME, first name, Post Restante, city, and state. Lee and I didn't do this because just used email. But on my round the world trip in 1992 I did. Post Restante basically is the main post office. It was always exciting to get real mail on the road and in 1992 they didn't have internet cafes yet. The only downfall is that some locals never knew where the main post office was in the main city and made our quest to get mail a test in sanity.

  • I always pack things in zip lock bags. They weigh less than other containers and you can easily look in your backpack and find what you're looking for.

  • And above all, be a safe traveler. Don't go out at night by yourself. There's power in numbers and single travelers on the road make friends fast. It's always fun meeting other backpackers and often traveling together to share expenses.

Hope that helps. As far as where to go, I guess it's a personal preference. Go where its safe to go, don't take too many risks. There's plenty of exotic locations that are safe and cheap.

Email us from the road. We'd love to hear about your adventure.



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