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From: Katie Thompson
Date: Wed Oct 30, 2002
Subject: Travel Tips for Italy

Off the top of my head here are a few:

  • Find out how the ticket machines in the Rome subway work BEFORE you spend 15 minutes trying to get it to accept your 2 euro coin!

  • Avoid restaurants that have menus in every language except Italian

  • Be careful buying train tickets -- we accidentally ended up on the slow train from Rome to La Spezia, extending our travel time by 2 hours!

  • Have a back up plan in case there is a plane/train strike (happened to us when we were supposed to fly out...)

  • Check out discounts -- if you're under 26 with a European union passport (like my boyfriend was), you get 1/2 off at most museums and attractions!

  • Don't keep your phone card with the scratch-off strip in your backpack when there is a big rainstorm... the backing will fall off when it gets wet!

I'll let you know if I can think of any more =)


Katie on the Cinque Terra, Italy (photo courtesy of Katie Thompson)

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