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Sonora says about this photo, "I was in the Utah canyonlands this September where I went on a vision quest with nine women. The photo was taken at the end, so I was feeling happy I survived it all --
including four days soloing and fasting... This picture reminds me of how strong I really am..." (photo courtesy of Sonora Beam)

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From: Sonora Beam
Date: Sat Dec 28, 2002
Subject: Just found your postcard

Hello Liz,

Just found your postcard today at the Fairfax library. Have just spent time reading your web site -- it's great.

I am a 30's women artist, writer, graphic designer and traveler. It's good to see your adventures on the web and makes me feel more courageous about putting my own stories out there...

I look forward to sharing some of my travel tips with you:

  • Briefly, (so to speak) my favorite all-around travel undies are by Moving Comfort -- available at REI and other travel stores. BTW: I've worn the black one's as a bathing suit bottom!

  • I always travel with a sarong: a multi-use item. I've used mine as a towel, table cloth, skirt, scarf, shawl, hood, blanket, curtain, and to bathing suit cover-up.

  • I use a rolling duffel (by Eagle Creek), rather than a backpack. I find I just park it wherever I'm sleeping and use a day pack for roaming around. I tend to rent a place for a week at a time instead of moving day to day. I prefer to get to know one place well.

  • Instead of carrying a laptop, I use whatever internet cafes I find. I send myself an email to my yahoo account with all of my cc and emergency #'s typed in code -- so if anything is lost or stolen, I can log on and get the info.

  • Digital camera! I love the cameras by Nikon. I'm on my third model. Keep upgrading. I have a Coolpix 4500 with wide angle and tele lenses, I do a fair amount of photography, so like the fine quality. I also carry a small professional tripod -- a luxury, but good for self-portraits!

  • I like to sketch and paint on the road -- so I carry an array of art
    supplies. I plan to publish my travel art supply kit suggestions on my web site in the near future.

  • The MCI phone card (available at Costco) is the best deal around. 2.5 cents/min. in the US -- and very cheap to phone internationally. I'm pretty sure it works from abroad, but haven't tried it yet. Best thing: it's rechargeable w/a credit card.

Well...those are the few I can think of right now.
Where are you off to next?


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