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Gary has traveled in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific, as well as the United States. Through the savvy use of airline frequent flyer miles, he has paid no money for his last seven international round trip flights. His passion to share his travel secrets is fueled by his belief that travel can peacefully unite the planet.

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From: Gary Steiger
Date: Wed Sep 3, 2003

Hi Liz-
Nice mention in the Pacific Sun. I like your web site. I sampled your writing by reading about the hostel in Gimmelwald. I know that place. A bit remote. I like staying in Lauterbrunen at the hostel Chalet im Rohr, or the inexpensive Hotel Horner. Nice small town, as you know, with better access to more beautiful places, since you don't have to get on a cable car to leave the place.
Anyway, I write because I have a web site that I think might interest you, perhaps to the point that you would like to list it in the Transportation section of your resources page. My web site, Free Frequent Flyer Miles, is the most complete and up to date resource for obtaining free and cheap airline frequent flyer miles. I created and spend several hours a day maintaining it because I believe that travel is the key to world understanding, and therefore world peace. (From the article, it appears that you agree.) I want to encourage people, especially young people, to travel. I hope you find the site useful.
You can link from that site to my site The Personal Travel Experience of Gary Steiger, where you can find more cheap travel resources. One of these is a page that should get you to most any hostel in the world. I also attempt here to describe the places I have been, but only when I get around to it, which isn't very often. For example, I would love to do some pages on Switzerland based on my two trips there (totaling six weeks), but I never seem to find the time to do it.
I hope you can find the time to take a look at my work.
--- Gary Steiger


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