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Sami Sunchild is the creator of Peaceful World Travel, San Francisco's Red Vic Bed & Breakfast, and a gallery of hundreds of calligraphic paintings, Peace posters and Peace gifts, all in service to extending our own awareness of who we really are and what we can do with our lives.

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From: Sami Sunchild
Date: Tue Nov 18, 2003

Dear Liz

Let's talk about MINDFUL TRAVEL!

It is so much fun sharing visions and real-life creative ventures with you!

My Big Dream is that those of us who are privileged to travel and know other cultures, peoples, lifestyles, environments, can and will use our abilities and ideas in behalf of our world which is in great need of our talents.

I have benefited so much and expanded my own world-view so greatly, that all the different kinds of people and places I participate in are a part of who I am today. And tomorrow.

Years ago I hesitated on the brink of the reality of creating a small hotel based on love and bringing the people of the world together. I had no idea of where it could take me, or where I could take it. I did not have enough money. There were no partners. It looked too big for me. I had never seen it done.

A friend, sensing my pain, said to me, "Sami, the only thing that is wrong with you is that you are not ENOUGH of who you truly are. Be MORE of yourself. You have great gifts but you hold back. You hesitate."

This is my message to all our internet friends and those with whom we interact in our daily lives. You are POWERFUL. You can do wonderful things for the world and in so-doing, you will grow yourself beyond even your own imagination.

Remember, be MORE of who you truly are, not less!

I live in the whole world. My base is San Francisco but my thankfulness to the Fijians and Rarotongans and Italians and Germans and Balinese and Hawaiians and native peoples who have shared their lives with me, is unbounded.

This is my travel advice -- what I want to say to you from the bottom of my heart: Go -- thinking about what you can give. Seek out people with whom you share knowledge and work in common, and ask if you can help them build their dreams. Tell them you want to learn from them. If you are a teacher, visit the teachers and schools, especially the struggling ones. If you are a health worker or a gardener or wildlife preserver or an engineer, seek out those whose lives are connected to the same passions. Unpack your suitcase, stay a while and may it bless your life as much as it does mine.

Sami Sunchild


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