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From: Doug White
Date: February 19, 2004


Just stumbled upon your web site. Can not even backtrack to determine how I found site. Just like an adventure in Europe.

Wanted to say thank you for such a journey of self emersion of the old

My family and I have recently returned to Texas from a 3 year stay in the
Limburg Provence of The Netherlands.

Loved every minute and step of Europe. Traveled quite often to Tuscana on business in Pisa. Your Italian journal was a wisp of adventuresome rebirth. A 3 hour lunch of observing the locals in a Firenze cafe was essence of becoming immersed into the presence of the moment. That is what Europe did to me... breathed the awareness of smelling, hearing, seeing and experiencing the moment of all that was around me and in me.

Journeying with you has given me resolve to renew contacts with my Dutch & Italian colleagues, friends and neighbors.

Will pass your address on to other wonderlust dreamers of cobblestone paths gone by and journeys not yet planned.




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