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Praise for Peace Signs

The response to Peace Signs has been dramatic. I am filled with hope to hear from so many about my coverage of the peace march -- I am pleased to share here excerpts from several of the wonderful responses I have received in the last few weeks.

I want everyone in the world to know that America is brimming with people of great compassion, who do not wish for war.

We must raise our voices, so they can be heard above the saber-rattling. We are not alone in wanting a harmonious world, in which we can all travel freely, come together as friends, and raise our children in safe and healthy surroundings.

With deepest thanks,


Dear Liz,
A friend passed on your album and I just want to thank you for it. I was there that day and it was so overwhelming that I couldn't absorb it all. Your photos and quotes brought it all back into focus, a gift tied with a beautiful ribbon.
Thank you!

Wow, Liz!
I just spent 20-30 minutes on your web site -- I didn't make it to the peace march, but now I feel like I did. It's beautiful! Thank You.
And best wishes with EVERYTHING.

I am so impressed by your web site, your brave vision, and your generosity
in sharing your tips and preparations. The quotes accompanying your pictures
hearten me, and the pictures themselves are wonderful. An injured foot kept
me from attending the march, and your images and quotes helped me feel part of this important event.

I'll be checking your web site for news of your adventures.

I very much enjoyed revisiting the PEACE march especially after the state of the union is war speech.
And surprise, you recorded me singing "Imagine"!!
As a web designer, I applaud your creativity.

I really like your web site--very artistic and alive! Would you like to be on the email notification list for Singing for Peace? We sing about every other week at BART stations around Bay Area at evening rush hour...
Glad to be in touch with you--

Peace, Shalom, Salaam 


The first image brought tears. Good stuff.

Hello Liz:
I was totally moved by your absolutely awesome photos of great beauty and compassion! What exquisite work. How did you ever find the quotes to match? Brilliant work.
I hope to meet you some day.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I just wanted to say that your treatise on the peace march was very fine. The photos, the quotes, back to the photos, hard to say what I liked best. I think I will assemble the quotes by JFK, Ike, and MLK and send them to my elected representatives (Dubya, senators, Barbara Lee).  And I will certainly tell my friends about your web site.

Thank you, Liz!
That is the most wonderful compilation. I read and looked my way through
your collection and it just brought up such wonderful feelings in me of
having been a part of that.

Thank you for your documentation!

Holy Cow...
Yet again "Where is Liz" is amazing! Your peace protest section is
beautiful! I am so proud to be your friend.
Thank you for sharing the world from your perspective!

Thanks Liz. I forwarded this to my family.
Peace, Michael

Good stuff, Liz. Thank you for letting me re-live the memories. I'd like to pass your gallery on to other friends who were there, and those who weren't there as well.
Thank you,




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