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Globetrotters (cover story)
Pacific Sun
Marin County, CA, USA
August 29, 200

Article & Photos by:
Michael McCarthy


Article excerpt:

IN CORTE MADERA, the view from the courtyard at Book Passage is as tranquil as that at Ross Common. Dappled sunlight plays across the bricks; a soft breeze stirs white linen tablecloths on tables loaded down with snacks and tofu salads. At the 10th Annual International Travel Writer's Conference, San Rafael's Elizabeth Scherle isn't so concerned about writing a book yet--she'd settle for the trip around the world--as she is with meeting some famous writers from around the world. A graphic artist with some copywriting experience, Scherle is planning her own yearlong worldwide trip, and wondering if she can possibly sell a book based on her experiences.

"I'd love to get a book published, but I understand that there are no guarantees," says Scherle over a glass of iced tea and biscotti. "I feel compelled to take this trip, and I have learned a tremendous amount about travel writing from this conference, but whether I ever get published is another matter."

* * *

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